I feel the need

I feel the need

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hey, Honey...when did we turn into hippies?

Good evening!

If you are a fan of American football, you're in a major TV coma right now.  For Packer Nation I say, "No Shame."

But I digress.

Since the Packers played late, Hubby and I made a run to Target to pick up a couple things for the teeny tiny bathroom project we'd started this weekend.  (And when I say "we"  I mean I said to Hubby, "Hey, I think we should paint the kid's bathroom white this weekend and he said, "ok" and then he proceeded to spend $350 on a multitude of things, including a new vanity...which we had to buy because, and I did not know this, when you paint a bathroom you have to remove the vanity to get the whole wall painted and our current vanity was 30+ years old and had absorbed that many years of toilet over flows...that's a lot of yucky water for a sub-par particle board vanity to absorb over the years.) 

ANYWAY, since the Packers played late we ran to Target for a few things and wound up in the food section.  Since Target opened their stores to include an almost full grocery department, it's been a bad thing for my Target card...Hubby mentioned he wanted to check out the cereal aisle.  I reminded him that we had plenty breakfast cereal.  I'd recently purchased to "super size" bags of cereal at Woodman's.  Hubby reminded me that he had little interest starting his day with a massive serving of store brand "Super Sugar Smacks."  (Yes, he's the vegetarian of the family.  Very health conscious.  Except when I baked those key lime squares...)

So we headed to the cereal aisle where we played a little game we play when we go shopping together.  We pull down two similar products from the shelf and read, out loud and with much mocking and editorial commentary, the dietary information panel.  I pulled out a box of "Fiber One" cereal and he picked up the Kashi.  We read the information and turns out, his choice won.  But it came as no surprise, since the Kashi cereal contained...and I'm not making this up..."naturally sweetened fiber twigs."

Ya know, my dad always made fun of the bread my mom made him eat.  He called it "twig bread."  It was a joke.

"Twig cereal," however, is no joke.

So he bought the twig cereal and as we made our way to the check out line I made a couple cracks about hippie cereal.  He added fuel to the fire by pointing out that he was wearing green pants, sort of hippie look. 

My husband, who tries so hard to not be mentioned in this blog, was giving me this post of a silver platter.  A silver platter trimmed with "naturally sweetened fiber twigs."

I kept up the hippie talk all the way to the car.  He was wearing green pants, eating twig cereal, he's a vegetarian, this was soooooo going into the blog.

And then I took a look at my legs.  It's humid around here, so I was wearing a pair of denim capris, revealing the exact amount of leg a woman my age and weight class should reveal. That's when I realized...hey, I haven't shaved my legs in a couple weeks.

I have a legitimate reason for this:  I have a skin condition that makes my skin burn on contact.  So I don't shave nearly as often as I did back in my 20's...but in my defense, all the hair making energy in my body seems to be moving from my legs to my face, so it's not like my legs were exactly shaggy, but still...there it was.

Hubby laughed and said, "So, you're a hippie too."

Yeah, great.  When, exactly, did that happen?

He laughed about it.  I laughed about it.  But I'm really laughing because tomorrow I'll be enjoying a lovely bowl of store brand sugar smacks...and he'll be eating sweetened twigs.

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