I feel the need

I feel the need

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mardi gras, Duck Dynasty, Barry Manilow, and True Grit...it's quite the blog!

Good morning!

It's a huge leap of faith, but I have parted ways with my employer of the past few years. Friends, this is a good thing, really, so don't worry about me.  Now I have some time to...

Wait.  To do what?  

I've been working, almost non stop, since I was 13.  With short breaks in there for birthing Skippy (I took two days off after the birth of Peaches, that would be the upside to working form home) I haven't had a measureable break between jobs ever.  I have plans of course.  I'll look for a new job, no question, but I'm going to try and find something that truly makes me happy.

Which brings me to the thing that I plan on filling my free time with:  Finding what makes me happy.  

Okay, I know what makes me happy. I love to write stories.  And if the world would just realize how brilliant my stories are, I wouldn't have to job search every day and keep track of my job search in a job journal.  I could write stories and drink tea like other fabulous authors do.

Wait, back up.  What was that middle thing? Am I really that organized...a job journal? 

Oh dear.  I'm getting organized at home.  This is a problem.

See, at work I've always been super organized.  A place for everything and everything in a place and everyone knows it about five minutes after meeting me.  And my schedule is tight. Morning tasks, afternoon tasks, things that have to be done by a certain time.  

But at home it's a different story.

At home my desk sort of looks like the day after Mardi Gras.
Yep, that feels about right.
 There are three different pen holders, most of which don't hold usable pens.  I have about a dozen different candle holders on the desk, but I don't know where there's a clean sheet of computer paper.  (But I do have four unopened packs of loose leaf notebook paper, if anyone needs some.)I keep bills in a shoe box on a shelf right above my computer so that I don't lose them.  Seriously.  I keep bills in a shoe box. 

I don't, until now, spend wads of time at this desk, so it's not like I have to look at it every day. Until now.  Now I have time to look at my home desk and think, "That's just not going to work. Everything must have a place and I must cleanse the drawers now."  (Don't ask what's in my desk drawers here at home. Again, I keep my bills in shoe box!))

When the hunt for the perfect job becomes your job then your work space, your home office, has to be perfect.  So look out desk, there's going to be some cleaning that's going to happen.  And look out drawers, once I manage to pry you open, I'm going to figure out what to do with the last nine years' worth of check registers and then we are going to move things out of here!

You can take the anal retentive office drone out of the office...but you can't make her stop loving clean, open spaces on her desk.  

So look out, desk.  It's all going to be gone!  Gone, gone gone!  Like one of my favorite speeches from "True Grit."  (You have to wait until about 1:21 for the meaty part of the speech.)
Even Barry looks happy.

Old check registers, gone!  Notes from a school meeting I had when the kids were in GRADE SCHOOL....yes, some four or five years ago...GONE!  Empty tealight holders I meant to toss but they fell in a drawer...GONE, GONE. GONE!

I have some free time now to get all office-y on my home office.  

It's going to be awesome.  I'm even going to actually put the Barry Manilow LIVE Album my kids gave me for Christmas (vinyl rules in our house) into a frame and hang it!  Leaning album that falls between the desk and the wall every time I turn on the desk lamp...GONE!

So no, don't weep for me because I'm currently not gainfully employed.  I have so many things I'm free to do now.  I simply can't wait!  Cleaning and simplifying my home is going to make me happy.  Working on my new book series is going to make me happy. Possibly losing some weight because I actually have time and energy to get on the treadmill or go outside...okay, let's not get insane. It's January.  I probably won't go outside for another four months.  But still, I have time to move, to breath.  It's going to make me happy.  

Oh dear lord.  Would being a cleaning lady (again) make me happy?

Who knows?  But it's something to think about for sure.

So check out the Gone speech and instead think, "happy!"  Happy, happy, happy!  (Ok, Duck Dynasty fans, there's my one reference!)

And don't worry.  Things are still going to happen in my world.  I mean, they didn't suddenly close all the public restrooms did they?

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