I feel the need

I feel the need

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No, I don't think I have a problem with priorities...

Good morning!

So I started my NEW new job yesterday and I have to say, this one might just be a winner.  Granted, in a week I will have a whole new commute, something I've never ever done before, and granted, I have ZERO freedom on the Internet...also something I've never had before.  Apparently, the new company frowns on playing on Facebook three hours a day! 

However, I will adjust and all will be well.  My goal is, in the next three years, to actually convince the powers that be that I could do the job just as well from home.  Wish me well!  LOL!

Any way, the first day at any job is full of "Wheres."  Things like, "Where do I hang my coat?"  "Where do I sit?"  "Where is the pencil sharpener?"

For me, there are really two big questions:

"Where is the coffee maker?" 

"Where is the bathroom?"

And, to be honest, the second question is really not that important.

No, I do not have an issue with priorities.  I have proved I can make it through a work day without hitting the restroom.  I haven't been so lucky with the coffee thing.

Typically, because I have sort of a social block when it comes to all things restroomy, I don't ask because I do not like to admit I need to use a restroom.  I know.  I'm 43 and I still have this issue.  I sort of hope the restroom will just reveal itself, sort of like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter.  (By the Way...the rest of my family is going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter in two nights. Me...I'm being responsible and going to bed at a normal hour so I'm fresh for work.  Yes, I have grown up!)

SO yesterday I sat at my desk and did the basic, menial tasks I was given because I'm new and what they really need me to do they have to train me to do and no one really has the time to train me.  I guess I'm learning by osmosis...again.  This job almost wins for the least amount of training before I was expected to perform a serious job task.  Twelve minutes.  (The record is when I worked truck unload at Kohl's...forty seconds.  Some guy pointed to a bunch of pallets, rattled off department names, and they started throwing boxes at me.)

By lunch time I was a touch cranky because 1)  I hadn't had second breakfast...and a third shifter typically has, 2) I hadn't had any coffee, and 3)  I still didn't know where the bathroom was.

But it was lunch time.  And the woman with whom I share space comes in at 11...and she informed me she was a rabid coffee drinker.  YAY!  She also informed me that it was time for me to go and eat lunch, where ever i chose to do so.

She did not however, tell me where the restroom was. 

Seriously...did these people use the gas station on the corner?

However, after lunch, while brewing a pot of coffee, I heard the familiar sound of a flush.  I knew then, that there was, indeed, a restroom in the building.  I just had to find it.  Being new, I knew I was being watched from all sides  (I'm not paranoid...I sit in the middle of the office with all the private offices around me.)  So after studying each door in the office, I decided, by process of elimination (no pun intended) that the last door on the right was the room I was looking for.

Two hours later( and three cups of coffee), I got up from my really awful desk chair, and checked. 


I know you're all thinking I'm a little mixed up, but I beg to differ.  My priorities are just fine.  Think about it:  Working 3rd shift, I didn't use the restroom until the third night.  This time around it only took me six hours.

I'm getting better!

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