I feel the need

I feel the need

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My New Year's resolutions are trying to kill me.

Good Saturday my friends.

For those of you of the MALE persuasion, and those of you who have delicate constitutions, you may want to look away.

You've been warned.

A healthy choice, or weapon of mass destruction?
Most of you know that one of my very simple New Year's resolutions involved taking a multi vitamin every day.  I've been very good at it.  I think since the New Year began I've missed only a day or two.

I have noted, however, a couple of very unexpected...and unpleasant...side effects.

1) Heartburn.

Egads.  I wake up in the middle of the night with the most vile bile in my throat.  You know the type.  You try to cough it out, clear your throat, and all that happens is you spread that sour burning all over your insides until you truly think you're going to vomit.

This is starting to happen every night.  While I'm no stranger to heartburn or to fractured sleep, having this attack of the burning vomits is something I was expecting.

2)  Infections of the most delicate type.

I haven't had an attack of yeast, except for the one a few weeks ago, in years.  Seriously.  I've learned  over the years what toilet paper, soap, and other body products to avoid.  With the exception of the one before Christmas, brought on by extended use of cheap TP, I haven't had that "itch you can't scratch" in a very long time. 

Until now. 

In case you're wondering, this is the best T.P. to keep the yeasties away.

Holy cats.  Since the last attack, I've been almost militant about the TP I use, but there's little defense when you're taking something every day that apparently throws your system so out of whack  all your body can do is produce more yeast. 

Am I slowly becoming a bakery?

Add this relentless itch to my violent attack of winter skin on my neck and chest area, and I am basically too itchy to be in public. 

So here I am, an itchy, yeasty mess, and the only real change I've made, since I was going to keep my resolutions simple this year, is the multi vitamin. 

Is this a thing?  Can multivitamins really do this to a person, or am I just a wussy wuss because I don't want to keep swallowing vitamins the size of my thumb?

The winter skin thing is something that's been sort of coming on for years, but I really have yet to pin point a solution.  I sometimes think it's an allergy to something, but I have no idea what, since I don't use perfumed soaps or different shampoos.  I've basically kept my beauty products to a minimum.  I know hot water and shaving make it worse...so I've cut down on both.  (And before you all go  EWWWWWWWW, just try living with the upper half of your body on fire with an itch that simply won't go away.  Live a day in my Gold Bond powdered skin, and then judge me.)

Love the powdery skin you're in...and the sexy scent of medicated menthol.
The thing is, I don't think I can call it winter skin, since I started really having issues in the summer when I called it prickly heat.  I know sweating also makes it worse, which brings me to my other New Year's resolution:

Working out might just kill me...but not because I'm sore or tired.  I might seriously be allergic to my own sweat.  I've gotten to Gold's at least twice each week  (though I've really made an effort to get there three times a week) and I'm fairly pleased with the work I've done.  I've lost almost two pounds in two weeks.  But the fact remains...I think I'm allergic to my own sweat.

Yes, I know, that's what all fluffy couch dwellers say.  But it might be a real thing for me.

So let's review:  The multivitamin is giving me an attack of yeast and exercise is making my skin burn and itch.

Yes, my New Year resolutions are trying to kill me.

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