I feel the need

I feel the need

Monday, May 14, 2012

Poor Hubby...he tries so hard...

Good evening!

So yesterday was Mother's Day, and I have to say, Hubby and the kids always do a pretty good job.  Granted, I can never expect much actual TIME from the children, they have places to go and things to do, but we did have a very nice brunch that included a spirited conversation on many, some very cringe worthy, topics.  (My children have inherited my love of bringing up topics that are cringe worthy, and then making them funny.)

Hubby, however, lives for one thing and one thing only:  To never do anything that gets him put in this blog.

On that count, the poor guy failed.

It really wasn't his fault.  He found some very fun, and interesting gifts.  He thoroughly cleaned and waxed my car.  He replaced our tattered bedroom shade with a new room darkening shade.  He got me season Two of "Mad Men"  AND "Breaking Bad."  He got me a CD and a book and a very pretty ornament that said "I love you."

He got me yoga socks to go with the yoga mat he got me for Christmas.

And he got me a lot of tea.

I have grown to love hot teas.  I drink it in the afternoons now because coffee is a no no after noon.  So I love heating up some water and popping in a tea bag and sipping it.  I also like tea cold, so tea pretty much works for me in any weather.

Now hubby wanted to up my tea game.  So he went to Crate and Barrel, one of his favorite fantasy store, and he got me some very nice loose leaf tea.  Then he got me a tea infuser.

Are you familiar with this item?

Here's a picture:

You're supposed to pull this apart and put the loose leaf tea in this and then put it back together and stick the clear end in your cup of hot water to let the tea steep.

Now, maybe it's because no one in the family is great about reading labels.  Maybe it was because I was so full of BACON  (another mother's day gift...Hubby made me grits and bacon.) that I was not thinking clearly.

But I must have seemed confused...so my children...who are very helpful...said, "Why did Dad get you a tampon holder?"

We laughed about that for ten full minutes.  Hubby threatened to return it because, as one of the children pointed out, this would definitely get him in the blog.

And it has.

And he hasn't.

Because I still love my tampon holder/tea infuser.

Hey, I love anything that is a multitasker.

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