I feel the need

I feel the need

Monday, March 23, 2015

So...I've never seen that before! (Once again, Sam's delivers entertainment.)

Yesterday I was put in mind of the Disney song "When I see an Elephant Fly" from "Dumbo.  There isn't much in suburban life that surprises me anymore.  I've been living the suburban life for at least twenty-five years.  I get it.  And I've seen about everything this life has to offer, good and bad. 

Or so I thought.

Yesterday Hubby and I made the mistake of going to Sam's Club on a Sunday afternoon.   Really the only good time to go to Sam's is when they first open in the morning. Then everyone's fresh, and there aren't that many people.  By Sunday afternoon, at the end of the weekend, everyone, customer and employee alike, has a white knuckle grip on sanity.

All we needed yesterday was...um...yep I've forgotten what we needed.  I know we didn't need a cart because that's just $100 waiting to fly out of our pockets.  So whatever it was we had to have on Sunday afternoon from Sam's we got and we got in the line where they check out your receipt.  This is something Sam's does, and I've never understood it.  There isn't a lot of real estate between the check out lanes and the door, and the stuff they put between those two points is way too large to sneak into your cart without being seen.  Granted, they've added self check lanes, and I can see the wisdom in having some double check a receipt before something small...like an expensive prescription or a new phone...goes walking out the door by accident.  Still, even with the blue self check receipts, the receipt checkers do little more than a quick glance at cart and receipt before sending you on your way, especially on a busy day.

We got in line behind a guy who was getting his receipt checked.  I don't know why, but the woman at the door was line checking his cart.  This was taking a long time, and I was getting grumbly because, as you know, I love waiting in line at Sam's.  Only good things happen.  

I watched the scene, at first to find out why she was doing a line item check of his receipt,and then because it got good...and then weird...quickly.

Here's how it played out as I saw it:

Checker:  Okay, black berries, strawberries, eggs, bread, grapes, bananas.  But bananas aren't on the receipt. They aren't paid for.

Man:  (Raised voice) Like hell they aren't lady.

Checker:  No, sir, see, here...

Man:  (Slaps the receipt out of the woman's hand and storms out of the store.)

I've never seen anyone lose it at the receipt check, and I've NEVER seen anyone slap a receipt out of someone's hand.  The woman looked out the sliding doors and yelled, "Sir?  Sir, come back, you have to come back."  Then she got on her radio and called for a manager. 

Meanwhile, she never stopped checking receipts.  That's dedication.

Hubby and I walked to the entrance and watched this guy continue to dodge traffic and head for his car, pushing the cart all the while.  We could hear the checker's request for a manager blare over the loudspeaker.

Then, for reasons we don't get, the guy turned his cart around and stormed back into the store.  He hadn't cooled down one bit, that I got as he passed me.  I wanted to wait and watch the final act of this drama...but Hubby wanted to install the new garage door, which we got instead of a new TV with our tax refund (so much more fun...a new garage door).  So, I'll never know how that ended.

BUT, the point is, I think now I've finally seen everything I could possibly see in suburban life.  Sure, I've never seen an elephant fly, but I've seen a guy slap a receipt out of woman's hands because she said he didn't pay for the $1.38 bananas.

So there's that.

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