I feel the need

I feel the need

Monday, March 9, 2015

Thank you, Kohls, I found my YES!

Good afternoon!

Memory is faulty, but blogging is forever.   I say that because, in getting ready to write this blog, I went back and reread a past post.  One thing is very clear to me:  I was never happy at Stuff,
Installed, not from the minute they hired me.  I didn't know how right I was when I once told Lumberg, "Firing me is not the worst thing you could ever do to me."

I only bring all that up because I was looking for the post where I went on a rant....stop laughing...about buying earrings at Kohl's.  I found it.  You may want to click HERE to read that.  We'll wait....

Okay, so you know that when I went to buy earrings I was all but ignored, which sent me on a rant. Today was the complete opposite, but just as annoying and just as rant inducing.  Let me tell you the story:

If you shop at Kohl's you know that they're new sign campaign is "Find your YES!"  I suppose this means if you've got a question or need a product that Kohl's offers or could offer or might offer, all you have to do is ask and you'll get a YES for an answer.  Whatever.  

Today all I had to do was return a sweater and kill some time between job interviews.  I really didn't need to shop because I'm not employed.  I have no place to dress up for.  And I have an "interview outfit" which I wear for pretty much all of the interviews I go on.  It's a good outfit:  Black pants, black sweater, some pop of color in the shirt under the sweater, black flats.  Sensible, business-ish.  But I don't need clothes.

However, Kohl's, being Kohl's, sent me a 30% off coupon and a $5 off coupon.  So I figured if there was a blouse or something on the clearance rack, maybe I'd pick it up.

I was there, killing time, minding my own business, not bothering anyone...and then...


I was startled because I was thumbing through the clearance racks, and this time of year there are so many of them at Kohl's, not even looking at the people around me.  And here's this woman, an employee, yelling a greeting three racks over.  

"Hi," says I, not looking up.

"Finding everything okay?"

This is more than I wanted to get into it.  "Sure. Of course."

"Well buy it all up!  I have to put out new stuff, so you go ahead and buy all this. We're practically giving it away."

I used to work at Kohl's, and I gotta say, this was way more information than 1) I wanted and 2) I needed to be told.  I can read. I can do the math.  The with my coupons the blouse in my hands was going to cost all of $0.70.  But hey, she's got a job to do and apparently her job depends on me buying more clearance clothing.  But I had a blouse, and that's all I really wanted, so I moved on.

I found myself in the jewelry department. I know, I don't have good experiences there.  But I was cutting through jewelry to get to men's to get to the cash register where I was going to drop $0.70 on a blouse.  I paused, because a necklace that would really go nicely with the blouse caught my eye. I looked at it, checked the price, and decided against it.

"Oh don't put that back!"

Again, why are people talking to me?  I look around and there's another employee, standing ten feet away.  Do they have a ten foot rule?  You have to yell things at customers ten feet away?  

"I really like that necklace and it would be great with that blouse.  Don't put it back!"

"I'm...just browsing," says I.  "I really wasn't looking for a necklace."  

"Oh, but that one's so nice..."

Her voice fades as I walk away.  Are these people working on commission?  I wandered a little more and then cursed myself a lot as I went back to jewelry and picked up the necklace.  Yes, I bought it.  But not because Noisy told me to.  I bought it because it does look really good with the blouse and really, since I was using my Kohl's card, I really didn't feel right about charging $0.70.  So yes, I bought it.

But hey, I also found my "YES."  "YES, as a matter of fact, you CAN shut up and walk away from me!"

Thanks, Kohl's.

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