I feel the need

I feel the need

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! A drive past the temple leads to Hubby's worst nightmare.

How do you not see this on your house?
How is this still okay to look at?
Good afternoon!

As many of you know I hate seeing Christmas decorations up after a certain point in the year.  I'm the one who yells "TAKE THEM DOWN" starting on Groundhog's Day.  I continue my rage against holiday lights, decorations, and especially LIVE WREATHS THAT HAVE LONG SINCE TURNED
BROWN hanging on people's homes with it's late April and we're looking at 70 degrees and sunny.  People, TAKE THEM DOWN! 

I've started to believe my neighborhood reads my blog because there are several houses within walking distance of mine that I swear, I SWEAR, have actually put of MORE Christmas decorations, Neon Santas, icicle lights, all of that, since we got warmer weather.  We drive past this one house that has that plastic figure Nativity lit up all year 'round. (Which leads me to yell, "JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH TAKE IT DOWN!")

Right around the corner from the Jesus, Mary, and Joseph house is Temple Beth-el, our local Jewish Temple.  This past Thursday evening there seemed to be quite a lot of activity around the Temple and Hubby and I, not Jewish at all, speculated as to what might be going on.  I suggested that maybe it's a sort of midweek service for those who can't attend services at the regular time.  (Christian churches all pretty much have alternate days of the week for those who can't make Sunday mornings.)  Hubby thought it might be Passover, which made sense, since we just had Easter.  Then we got to talking about how the Jewish calendar sometimes coincides with the Christian calendar and sometimes doesn't.  Sometimes Passover and Easter are right on top of each other, which makes sense....Jesus celebrated Passover and then died, and rose on Easter.  So yes, right on top of each other.  But because of the lunar calendar sometimes the two are further apart on dates.

As we were discussing this, we drove past a house that still had a ratty old brown wreath up. I yelled, "TAKE THEM DOWN."  And that's when it happened.

Hubby said, "You know, if you think about it, the Bible account of Jesus' birth didn't really take place in the winter."

I said, "How so?"

Hubby said, "Well, the shepherds were out in the fields...what were they doing?"

(I was raised Christian and had to learn to recite Luke chapter two by heart. )  I said, "Keeping watch over their flocks by night."

Hubby said, "Yes, but why out in the fields?"

I said, "Well, I imagine because the sheep were grazing and it could still be winter because it's the Mediterranean and they don't have the kinds of snow infested killing cold we do."

"Baa....I managed to get Hubby into the blog!"
Hubby said, "No, those sheep were out there birthing."

I said, "Well, sure, I mean, that makes sense. Lambs are typically born in the spring."  (I'm such an expert on lamb birthing. When I was a kid, there was a lady in town who kept a small flock and we got to feed the lambs with a bottle sometimes.)

And then, and then, Hubby said this, "So, sure, the shepherds were out there birthing the spring lambs, so if you really think about it, all these Christmas lights and wreaths and Nativity scenes should really be up, you know. RIGHT NOW."

At this point we pulled into our driveway and I glared at him.  "You know," I said, "I was going to post lovely pictures of Peaches trying on my wedding dress and how pretty she looked and all that, but now, instead, I'm going to have to put you in the blog."

He didn't say anything. He started texting.

"Who are you texting?"  I asked.

"I'm telling Peaches that I've saved her from the blog."

His phone chimed.  He looked at it, smiled and said, "She says, 'Thank you.'"

For those of you living around here, don't think this scholarly win on Hubby's part gets you off the hook. We celebrate Christmas in December.  Those lights are dangling by a single nail and the wreaths are dead.  TAKE THEM DOWN!  Or suffer the small twinge of amusement you're going to feel when I drive by your house and yell at you.

Meanwhile, Passover starts this coming Friday at sundown.  To all my Jewish friends and readers I wish you a Happy Passover.  

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