I feel the need

I feel the need

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Really, Kohls cashier? REALLY?

Good morning!

It isn't often lately that I produce two blogs in the same weekend, but I've just returned from a shopping trip to Kohls (my first in quite some time, I paid off my card three months ago and have used great restraint in not using.  But a girl's got her limit!) and I have to share this true, honest, can't even make it up, IT CAN ONLY HAPPEN TO SARAH moment.

As most of you know, I've long opined about how retail stores who sell both regular size women's and fluffy women's clothing often short change the fluffy department.  (the exception to this rule is Christopher and Banks, who are so even, they created a whole store for fluffy girls, CJ BANKS.  Yes, I paid my card off there as well...so it's about time I go and see what's new, right?) Kohls is not an exception. There are probably a dozen fixures in the plus department compared to four city blocks of clothing dedicated to the unfluffy.

I've learned to live with it. I've learned that even if I see a super cute Sonoma (my favorite brand of all brands) top in the unfluffy department, chances are that it won't be available in my size.  I just learn to live with it and I don't complain....often.

Which brings me to this morning.  I was on my own, with Hubby out of town at a family reunion and Skippy in Nashville with friends and Peaches and Junior....living far away.  (Sniffle.)  So I had a lovely breakfast at Denny's, which I never go to unless I'm in Madison with writing partner Linda.  After a delightful veggie egg white omelet (see, it's not like I eat fluffy.  I just AM fluffy.) I crossed the parking lot to Kohl's.  After about forty minutes of shopping I headed up to the counter with my

The cashier was a decidedly unfluffy lady.  I don't hold that against her. I just don't want to hear any grunting noises when she has to hoist my clothes across the scanner because they're so incredibly huge.  Believe it or not, I have heard just such a grunt.  

She picked up a top I'd found on the super clearance rack. (It was four bucks down from forty and it was my size.  I may not love how it looks on me, but I'm taking it home because a good deal is a good deal.)  She held it up and said, "Wow, that's a really pretty color." (It was black and sort of an aqua blue stripe.)

"Yes, I love that color," says I.

"I wish we had this color over on our side," says she.  "We don't have this pretty color over there.  She waves to the sea of clothing fixtures dedicated to the undersized.

"I say that all the time about women's. There are so many things in misses that I wish would be over in women's," says I, trying to express my frustration at the fact Kohl's simply underserves those with curves.

"Oh don't even start with that," says she.  

Let's read that again.

The size four who is supposed to be dedicated to serving the customer,  me, just said what?

"Oh don't even start with that."

I'm expressing a serious, actual complaint about the women's department and she's telling me to stop complaining?

I'm sorry, WHAT NOW?

I sort of expected to be treated like a person.
Is that too great to expect?
Let's review a FACT:  52%  of ALL US WOMEN purchase plus sized clothes.  

Kohls plus sized department is roughly 15%  the size of  the misses department.

And this skinny....(insert here word that rhymes with "snitch")...is telling me not to gripe about it?

Oh, but it gets better. You all know what they do at Kohls when they're done ringing you up, right?  They ask you to fill out on online survey. Only this woman, this MARY W. told me she wanted a "very satisfied" rating and then she told me to be sure to mention her name.

Check them out online or in your local shopping mall.
Okay, well, I'm not filling out the survey, because I doubt that would do a bit of good. Besides, I'm not one to give a negative review when I've never given a positive one. I like to be consistent.  But I will say this, Kohls, if this is the attitude you as a corporation have about plus sized women, then guess what?  I'm going to take my shopping dollar completely over to CJ Banks. Sure, their prices are higher, but so is their dedication to customer service and kindness.

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