I feel the need

I feel the need

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Laundry List Friday: (Sunday edition) 5 ways I'm trying to battle old age

Hello all!

So I'm getting older.  I'm a couple weeks from my 44th birthday, and my children, who have reached an age where they no longer need me to do much for them, believe I'm ready for "the home."

And, I have a sneaking suspicion that TV network execs are starting to feel the same way.

HOWEVER, I have done a number of things recently to PROVE I'm not completely ready for the glue factory.  Am I succeeding?  You be the judge:

5)  T-shirts still rule my wardrobe.  (And cover the "mom" jeans.)

Okay, I'm now in a job where I have to wear grown up clothes every day.  That doesn't stop me from donning some super hip T when I get home.  Case in point, I recently it a writing goal last weekend and rewarded myself with a NEW Rick Springfield thermal T.

  No, that's not me modeling it....but it could be...right?

So T's rule...and I'm cool!

4)  Covering the gray, at any cost.

I finally took the plunge and got my hair DONE at a PLACE.  I'm most annoyed by this halo of white hair that so nicely frames my face.  So I had it done....and I bought product to use on it.  And then I bought more product.

Total cost for covering the gray  $90.

Length of time my halo was hidden:  2 wks.

BUT in those two weeks, I was YOUNG, and PRETTY and I had great hair!

3)  Trying to pretend JAG wasn't truly the last written drama on TV that I couldn't miss.

Maybe the TV guys have the right idea.  Look, let's be frank. As much as I enjoy  "Hawaii 5-0" and "Castle" and anything called "CSI" that isn't set in Miami, I just don't make a ton of time for appointment TV.    I've given up shows like "Gray's Anatomy" and "Desperate Housewives," (Both shows I never missed three years ago) mostly because...I have no idea why.  Is my attention span so shot from watching too much reality TV?  Can I no longer enjoy a show that doesn't involve someone getting outsed at the end of every episode?

No, because if you recall, I LOVED "Scoundrels."  Granted, it was short lived...very short lived...but I loved it.

Maybe there's just a lack of David James Elliott on TV, and I can't find anything to fill the gap?

Possibly.  But I do love some of the dramas on TV.  Tonight I'm going to check out "Once Upon a Time."  But will it be good enough to make me give up "Amazing Race?"  Or reruns of "Monk?"

2)  Meanwhile, I also try to pretend I care about the winners of certain reality shows.

Maybe it was the fact that Survivor moved to Wednesday, which completely up ended my TV viewing life  (Ahem  CBS,. how about moving it BACK to Thursdays?)  but last season's American Idol run was barely a blip on my radar.  And that was in a season where Skippy and I sat for 15 hours to have him audition.  Maybe it's the fact that I can't get excited about 16 year old wannabes who say they've "waited their whole lives" for this moment.  Yeah, well, that hasn't been a very long wait...so shut up.

Oh, ummmmm, what I meant to say was, "hey, you're right sweetie.  I hope you make it because you've had such a trying life...in all your sixteen years."

Okay, that was a fail.    So let's try this as a number 2:

2)  (For Real)  Finding a bar

Those of you who know me know I enjoy a cocktail now and then.  But if you've known me well, you also know I'm not a bar person.  So last week, when hubby suggested we find a bar that we could call our place, I was surprised.  And shocked, since he's really not a drinker. 

"You know, a place we could go and watch the game."

(Right now I call that my couch.  It's warm, it's nice, I don't wait in line for the bathroom, and the heating pad is close by.)

Egads...we need a place!

So on Friday, since we were headed to a concert, we stopped in an establishment we'd never been to, and enjoyed a nice fish fry and some adult beverages. 

Note to self:  Happy hour at an Irish pub ROCKS.

Granted, that place is geographically too far from home to be our place,  (We're trying to be younger...but gas is still over $3 a gallon.) but it's a start, I guess. 

1)  Staying for the main band to get on stage...even if that means staying out past 11 PM.

Skippy goes to A LOT of concerts.  I got to Summerfest in June and I hit Pottawatomie in May to see Rick Springfield.  The difference in what I do and what Skippy does is that I can pick and choose who I see based on when the concert starts. In the case of Rick's shows, he's on stage pretty close to 8/8:15 and we are done by about 10 PM.  It's an awesome show, and I can still be home, on my couch, by 10:30.  (seriously, what am I, 80?)

Skippy's concerts are a bit different.  He will tell me he's going to see "Bright Eyes."  (I pretend I know who that is.)  He tells me the show starts at 6:30.  What he doesn't tell me is that Bright Eyes won't get on stage until 10:30 at best.

I'm telling you that to tell you this:  Friday night, after we found our Irish pub at happy hour, we had tickets to see "Trampled by Turtles."  Hubby won the tickets from a local radio station, and since we got the tickets we have familiarized ourselves with the work of "Trampled."  And we like it.  So, I looked forward to a show that would, at all reports, begin at 7:30.  (Home by 10 was my plan.)

When we got to the venue, we were told that the doors didn't open until 8 and the main band, "Trampled" wouldn't be on until 10.


Undaunted, and determined to see "Trampled"  we stayed.  We stayed through a decent band "Four on the Floor"  (Think Charlie Daniels Band with a more local flavor) and through a bad band "These United States"  (hint:  If a band wants to impress the audience, they should actually FACE the audience when they play.)  And we stayed until 11:06 PM when "Trampled by Turtles"  took the stage.

And no doubt, it was worth the wait.  But by 11:45 I was BEAT.  I'd watched all the college students in Halloween costumes I could take, and I'd seen a bit too much drama in the ladies' room for one evening.  So we didn't stay to see the end of the show...but we did rock it out for almost four hours.  I do believe I get youth points for that...right?

So there you go...five ways I'm battling old age.  Win or fail.  You be the judge.  Personally, I need a nap before I spend two hours catching up on "Once Upon a Time."

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