I feel the need

I feel the need

Monday, April 9, 2012

She's gone, but not forgotten...

Good evening!

So it's been a week since Elsie W. departed in a whirlwind of fire.  (My Bible scholar friends are howling at the humor in that statement.)  I have to say, it's been a week of discovery...the discovery of just how wrecked Elsie managed to get everything.

There are some changes we knew would happen immediately:

We're going through far less paper towel/toilet paper/coffee/ stolen food.  Turns out...Elsie was sort of stockpiling paper goods in her desk.  I'm not sure what she was afraid of, but Noelle C. extracted four rolls of paper towel and three rolls of TP from a drawer.  The best part was, only one roll of each was soaked in coffee.

The kitchen area has managed to stay bug free since Tuesday.  In fact, the sink is as shiny as it was the day we moved in.  NBM startled himself when he passed by the sink one day, he thought he was about to bump into someone in the hall...that's how shiny the sink is.

I'm pretty sure Noelle C. has destroyed all the moldy sandwich bags she uncovered in her desk.  (I could be wrong on that one.  There are a couple drawers she's still afraid to open.)

There are other changes, some discovered today, that are going to take some time to come about.
Elsie took that a bit too

The "honor box" snack guy left us a nasty note today...see, Elsie wasn't there to write him a check for $5.00 like she does every other month to cover her snack habits that weren't satisfied with her two fully cooked meals and three "snack breaks."  (Which reminds me...there's no fish in the fridge anymore!)

The phone bill reflects $27 worth of calls to "information."  And there are some very interesting calls to a couple of numbers in California and other Dunder Mifflin branches that have nothing to do with the day to day operations of our office, but which Elsie would call to "see how other sales appointment setters do it."  (She did this to prove me, PM, and NBM wrong every time we tried to show her how to do something.)  NBM saw the phone bill today and wondered aloud what those calls were about.  I suggested that the phone bill, much like the snack guy, would be righted in a month's time.

I think the biggest change is how the office smells.  I will give Noelle C credit...she is unflichingly cheerful, but she knows how to clean an office, and she's not afraid to bring in a potted plant.  Oh, and she's sort of a painter, so in a week's time we went from blah bare walls  (NBM is sort of a "stark means clean" guy) to walls filled with her colorful paintings of flowers.
Elise W gave us this.

Bonus, she brought in a pot of tulips.  The whole place smells really nice. And when I told her I liked lilacs, she brought me a cutting from her lilac bush.
Noelle C. gives us this.

I guess I can overlook a couple moments of undress if she keeps bringing in flowers.

I am almost ready to bring back my stuff and brighten my desk.  I better hurry...Noelle C might bring a bucket full of cheerful animal paperweights to brighten my corner of the world.

That woman scares me just a tiny bit.


  1. There is such a thing as "too cheerful"!

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