I feel the need

I feel the need

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pictures and a few final bits of funny from the accident.

Good morning!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, I've never been much of an artist, my art form is words, but I do want to share with you two pictures from my recent accident.

To catch most of you up, Friday was my wedding anniversary, but on my lunch break from work I was T-boned by a driver as I crossed an intersection.  (I had the green light.  You do the math.)  I'm okay, very sore, bruised, but nothing broken.

Talking about nothing broken:  I did go in for X-rays, and I forgot to mention how hilarious a process getting X-rays has become.  The last time I was X-rayed was some 13 years ago when, if you follow this blog, I was also in a car accident, and had actually been hit by a car.  Then it wasn't funny.  Friday, getting a series done on my leg was hilarious.  Why? 

Beachwear? No, just
the latest fashions in lead
Because the technician, while situating my leg over the plates, handed me a very, very small lead apron, and told me to cover my...gonads. 

I about died laughing.

"Hold still," she commanded from her booth offstage.

Folks, I love those who work in the medical field.  But honestly, she had me contorted in an odd position, I was very aware that my toenail polish was in need of a touch up, and I was holding a lead apron the size of a doily in front of my nay-nay area.  How was she seriously expecting me to sit still?

After several yoga-type positions, I did ask her if the X-ray series counted as a yoga class...see KRAM?  Even when I'm not at Gold's, I'm thinking about it!

Here's the car: Yes, it has been totaled.  Hubby says the passenger seat was blown so far to the left, he had to pry open the the center console to get some belongings out.  When they towed it to his body shop yesterday, the tow driver handed him the tow slip and said, "I just rolled it off and left the keys inside.  It's all bloody."

Those of you who follow this blog, or who follow me on Face Book, know that he had good reason to believe the brownish/reddish stains all over the seats, the ceiling, the dash, the floor would be blood.  I mean, here's what my clothes looked like:
Nope, these are not the clothes of
a shooting victim.  This is what happens
when you mix Slim Fast with McD's.
 And yes, critique partner Marie, that tank is the one I wear under my favorite multicolored blouse.  The blouse didn't show the stains, but it did stiffen nicely when coated with SLIMFAST.  Everything's in the washer now, but I haven't a clue if it'll come out. 

At least the accident didn't dent my sense of humor.  Or Hubby's.  He said he didn't fill the tow truck driver in on what was actually dripping from every corner of the car.  But he did smile when he opened the door and the heavenly aroma of chocolate hit him.  So there's that.

We are still waiting the police report, but we are confident that the other driver will be found at fault, so truly, with the exception that we are down a car for now, this accident could have been so much worse.  Instead, I can look back and laugh, and I really hope you laugh with me.

WWJD:  What would Johnny do?  He'd
get in that car and get my glasses!
Oh, and yes, we did find my glasses.  I had to have the very nice fireman go in the car  (admittedly, I was channeling every ounce of "damsel in distress" but I could not get in that car one more time) in dig around for them.  I'm not even sure where those glasses wound up, but he was able to find them for me.  The fireman saved the day again!

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