I feel the need

I feel the need

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Five for Friday: Reasons I can't wait to work alone!


Ahhhhhh, Friday!  Best day of the week for those who live the office drone life.

I am working almost completely alone today.  No NBM, he's on vacation.  No Noelle C., she's off on Fridays.  No PM, he has to help one of the guys with a job.

Blissfully alone.

This will mean more work for me, of course. No one to back me up when the phones are ringing, no one to help out if someone should come into the office.

I can't wait, and here are five reasons why:

5)  All the spider solitaire I can stand.

Best game ever, and I play the difficult level.  Love it!

Just you and me, all day!
4)  My music all day, volume up, shoes off, dancing at my desk to Rick Springfield.

One of the other girls at another branch calls it my "dance dance party time."

3)  I have editing to do on my new novel and I'd like to use some office time to do it.

 Fridays tend to be dull at work...most of the time...so rather than yawning at my desk, why not get something constructive done?

2) NBM tends to over manage every minute of my day...not having him stare over my shoulder on a Friday is a nice change of pace.

 It's exhausting being good at what you do, finishing everything early, and then having to create work for yourself because NBM is convinced that if you aren't slaving every second of every day you're clearly not working hard enough.

1)  Noelle C is making me INSANE.

Okay, I have to vent:  The woman is completely off her nut.  First of all, half of what she says is so unbelievable I am gathering it all for a fourth book. 

Yes, according to her...that's her.
A tid bit  or two:  She used to model for Cosmo.   She is the model on the Dungeons and Dragons artwork.  She's never been to a fair of any kind ever. She belonged to a cult that wouldn't let her go to college  (but modeling for Cosmo and D&D was okay.)

Anyway, she's almost as bad at her job as Elsie W.  Granted, there are no bad cooking smells, but I really could do without the endless therapy sessions I have to provide her every time I try to explain to her how to do her job...a job she did two years ago, according to her, perfectly.

I have my doubts.

She's decided she's going to make fewer calls a day.  (Her goal, like Elsie's, is 100 calls a day.)  See, she doesn't want to run out of leads and therefore work herself out of a job.  So she's doing her job poorly to keep her job.

He logic is almost as staggering as her constant need to tell me I'm hurting her feelings.

So yes, the number one reason I like working alone is because working with people is exhausting, and most of the time, they annoy me with their whining and their rules, and their sucking at their jobs. 

It's gonna be a good day!

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