I feel the need

I feel the need

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A quest for BREAD! (sometimes hubby just can't help it!)

Good evening!

So on Friday, Hubby and I found ourselves alone with no children and no real plans.  Normally we go out to eat on a Friday night, but we decided instead to go to a grocery store Hubby really likes to "hunt and gather" food for dinner.

I should explain Hubby's shopping habits.  Hubby is not one of these guys who worries too much about sales and bargains and buying in bulk.  Not when he's on a quest to find a specific thing.  Therefore he has two favorite grocery stores:  one caters to the upper crust, has one inconveinient location, and isn't open very late; the other caters to the mostly upper crust has three locations, none of them close to us, isn't open very late, and has neat stuff for lots of dough.

But we were NOT going out to eat, so I figured it would be okay. 

We got to the store and entered on the alcohol/deli side of the store.  While I love how the store is set up...we didn't really need anything from the alcohol or the deli side of things.

"One thing we need," says he, "is croissants.  I really want to make croissant French toast for breakfast."

That sounded good, but try as we might, we couldn't find croissants in that store.  And, since they were about to kick us out since it was closing time, we picked up fixin's for some really cool pizzas.  $80 later, we were home, making pizza and drinking the port wine he picked up.

Are you keeping a running tally?  You may want to.

The next morning we headed down to the farmer's market.  "They always have great bread down there, " says he, "we'll find croissants down there for sure."

$30 we had cheese, we had veggies, we had some honey, but alas, no bread.

So we took a break, went to the Steaming Cup, my very favorite place in Waukesha, for breakfast.  I had the old world oatmeal and coffe, Hubby had his normal Brazilian...no not that kind.  It's a weird looking dish that involves mango and yogurt and oatmeal and what looks like blood, but Hubby assures me it's acai juice.

$13 later, we were back on the street looking for croissants.   There's a tiny bakey in downtown Waukesha that touts its bread.  We stopped in.  Alas, no croissants and no plain bread.  They did have a ton of fun looking breads involving olives and bacon and jalepenos.  The lady behind the counter overheard us talking about what we were looking for and she said, "We're trying a new recipe for cinnamon bread on Thursday."

That's great, but that doesn't help us.

We did not spend any money in that shop...yet.

There's another bakery in the downtown area whose claim to fame are the sweat things bakers make.  So we headed down there to see if we could find some croissants.

Nope.  They had cookies, torts, cupcakes, candy...but no bread and no croissants.  I bought a tort.  $5.

"we are on a quest for bread!"  Hubby said.



People were starting to stare.

We got back in the car and I said, "You know who has croissants?  Pick n Save."

"I'm not going to Pick n Save for croissants."

"Sure, because that would make my blog funny and you don't want to be in my blog."

"That's right."

So we went home.  Later in the day, he announced he needed to go to Sam's Club to get cat litter, food, and...maybe look around for croissants.

For those of you who aren't aware, Sam's Club is a division of Walmart, sort of like a Costco.  I knew the cat litter and food was going to cost us.  With four cats, any time we have to make a run for food and litter, it's a chunk of change.

I told him to go with God.

Who knew this was the hardest
thing to find in Waukesha?
Half an hour later, he sent me a picture.  A picture of croissants.  A big box of croissants.  For $5.99.  The total bill at the store was $115.   Can't blame all that on croissants, of course, but after all the other croissant search expenditures, it was sort of just something I had to laugh at.

We spent the rest of the weekend eating the croissants in various ways.  None of them involved French Toast.  I'm sure we'll give that a try...next weekend.

Provided we have the funds to pay for it.

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  1. I just came across your blog Sarah! Not to worry, we're a Wholesale Croissant Bakery Based in Greendale. We sell our All-Natural Croissants to Sendik's, Local Sentry's and Woodman's. They will be under the Croissant Etc. Brand in a clamshell or in the bakery case.

    If you're looking for a certain size Croissant, feel free to give our retail bakery Simma's a call at 414-257-0998. They can place a special order with us if the supermarkets do not carry what you're looking for.

    If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to me.

    Have a great weekend!

    -- Evan
    Croissant Etc. & Simma's Bakery


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