I feel the need

I feel the need

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Five for Friday (On Saturday) Things I did this week only I would do.

Good morning!

Sorry for the lateness of my Five for Friday.  I was going to write it yesterday...after I managed to accomplish #4 and #5 before heading off to work.  But I left work early yesterday to attend a musical recital by an artist named Mr. Richard Springfield.  Yes, I rocked out at the Rick Springfield concert last night, in someone limited manner since I can't turn my head to the right or left, so head banging was out.  Still, a physically restricted night at a Rick Springfield concert is better than pretty much...well, anything.

Anyway, yesterday morning I realized I accomplished five ridiculous things that only I could manage to do.  And now I'm sharing them with you.


5)  Cut my knee fat while shaving.

I've been shaving my leg for more than three decades now, and I've had fat, lumpy knees for nearly as long.  You'd think I'd be able to remove some unwanted hair without opening a vein.  However, one problem I've always
Who is that in Row Z with the chubby, yet
super smooth legs?
had is that most of the time I shave my legs for a reason, and therefore shave early in the morning...before my brain has connected to the rest of my body.  Case in point, yesterday morning, before dawn I was up and trying to make my legs smooth and sexy...for the Rick Springfield concert...because he's going to notice my legs when I'm sitting in the middle of ROW Z.

4)  Wore long pants to the concert anyway.

I'm not saying the wound I gave myself was severe or anything...but I was bleeding hard enough that wearing tan Capri's to work was out...the one hem would have been bloodied by the time I got to work.  So I slapped on long pants.  As it turns out, we here in Wisconsin enjoyed a rare cool day weather wise and I kept the long pants on all day and to the concert.  I could have saved myself a pint of blood if I'd just checked the weather report.

3)  Celebrated Pandora's departure...before realizing what that really means for me.

Yep, after only seven weeks, Pandora is leaving us to move to New Orleans with her boyfriend.  At first I was sort of celebrating this.  Not that she's not a lovely girl, but I'd really like to work with someone who didn't use the word "like" as a break between all of her other words. That and the fact that she simply does not have a thought process, so instead of using logic to solve answer a question on her own, she asks me fifty questions a day.  It's not that tough of a job.  You dial the phone, you leave a message, you hang up the phone.  If you don't want to call someone for the thirtieth time, you don't have to.

 So I sort of did a happy dance at my desk...a happy dance that lasted all of four minutes when I realized that this is our mega busy season...and since Pandora won't be there to enter all the new leads from shows and fairs...and follow up with them, and schedule them...then there's only one person in the office who is going to have to do that.  And I already have a full time job.  (But, since no one else is capable of entering leads into the system or pick up the phone to schedule an appointment...)

2)  Had too much fun at a job interview and was a little too honest.

It's no secret I've been job hunting for several months now, mostly because I want something closer to home.  Dumping the first dollar of every hour I work into my gas tank is not fun.  So this week I had a job interview, one a long time friend got for me at her husband's company.  The interview lasted for more than an hour, mostly because the guy I was interviewing with was hilarious and we had a lot of fun chatting about this and that.  And the job he had to fill sounded really great.  Except for one thing:  It dealt with packing and handling frozen food.  (If you recall, one of the big reasons I had to leave my job at Kwik Trip. Thanks arthritis!)  Anyway, in the midst of the interview he asked me if I had any physical limitations.  Now, savvy job interviewers will tell you the answer to this question is NO.  But, hey, we were having a great time, we were laughing.  I sometimes find perverse humor in the fact that I 'm in my mid forties and I have the hands of a ninety year old.  So I said something stupid like, "well I have issues lifting things. Not that I can't, I'm strong enough, but I have crippled hands, it's so hilarious, let me tell you the saga of my arthritis."

My friend told me this morning I would have gotten the job if I hadn't said that.  Granted, I would still have had the problem with my hands, but by then I would be working there...and they'd have to deal with it...right?

1)  Got a little too enthusiastic greeting a cousin at a family reunion.

Last weekend Hubby and I attended a family gathering that involved two branches of unrelated families.  Several of my favorite cousins were going to be there and I was pretty excited about seeing relatives I haven't seen in a while.  We got here just in time for the massive family photo op, and as we were waiting to be placed in the picture, I found myself standing behind one of those favorite cousins-in-law.  I tapped her on the shoulder and said, "HI!  HOW ARE YOU?"  She turned to look at me, and I thought, "Wow, she's really changed since I saw her last.  When did she completely stop wearing makeup and what happened to her teeth?  And when did her eyes turn brown?"

She looked at me for a moment and said, "I'm fiiiiiiine," in that tone of voice that's a cross between, "Who the heck are you?"  and "Are you one of those stalkers I hear about?  Because if you are, I'm going to start screaming now."

I was undeterred.  "I'm great, it's so good to see you!"

She was ready to call the cops.  "Yeah, great."

I was about to think evil thoughts about how my cousin-in-law had gotten all snooty, when I looked just past this woman's shoulder...and saw the woman I THOUGHT I was talking to standing about fifteen feet away.

Realizing my mistake, I said, "Okay, well, have a good time!"  And, in a failed attempt to be cool, I walked away, leaving this poor woman wondering what just happened.

So there you go.  A week in a life that could only be mine.  Have a great weekend all!

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