I feel the need

I feel the need

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! It's Memorial Day! TAKE THEM DOWN!

Good afternoon all!  

First, I need to share a new link with you...I have a NEW WEBSITE!

This website will combine my novels, news, and links to my other blog.  So, that's going to be fun.  

And remember, my newest novel, A Hero's Spark is available RIGHT NOW!  So go on over to Amazon and buy the book!

Now then, on with my rant.

Friends, it's Memorial Day.  It's the end of May.  The weather, even here in Wisconsin, has been all sorts of non crappy for weeks.


November 24, yes.  May 24th, TAKE IT DOWN!
I'm even making allowances for those of you, yes, you, guy on my block, who have put a lot of time and effort into getting those house lights on nice and tight.  You can keep them.  I get it.  You did a good job.

But, for those of you with the icicle lights...the reindeer in the yard, and you, guy a mile from my house with the NATIVITY SCENE out front and LIT last night...TAKE IT DOWN!  

Oh, your Nativity Scene is a statement of your faith?  Color me doubtful.  I'm also devoutly religious, and friend, I know the difference between a religious statement and laziness.  Seeing your Nativity Scene, in your yard where it's been since the day after Thanksgiving, still LIT?  THAT'S LAZINESS!

Even Hubby had to let me yell out the window on that one.  And, given it was one of those very rare nights when we were out past 10, my voice really, really carried.  I'm hoping the homeowner got the point.

It's Memorial Day.  Remember the veterans, shake hands with a soldier, buy a poppy.  AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY...TAKE DOWN THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!

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