I feel the need

I feel the need

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hubby is probably hoping I've forgotten this!

Good afternoon!

Some of you know two important things about me:  1)  I do not like math and I'm not good at it.  2)  I do not like being outside because again, I'm not good at it.

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, Hubby decided to kick  my 5K training in gear.  See, this coming Saturday I'm going to be walking a 5K...it's not timed or anything, but I sort of want to finish it and not have to be carted off in a faint halfway through.  I'd also like to finish before everyone else cleans up and leaves.  So on Sunday we went for a measured, timed walk. It was to be 3.2 miles  (5K) and we would time it.

Well, it was raining Sunday.  And I don't mean a  little cheery sprinkle.  Nope it was one of those summer rains we get here in Wisconsin:  It was humid, sticky, wet and cold and sweaty all at the same time.

We decided to go anyway because hey, if it's raining at the walk I'm still doing it.  I think.  Probably.

We used hubby's phone as a step counter/measuring tool since my step counter is not at all accurate.  We walk for quite some time when we came to a mile marker (we were on what is known here as the Bug Line, a walking/biking trail between Lisbon and Menomonee Falls)  We then walked to the next miles marker and Hubby said, okay, 1.74 miles.

I did the math. That was going to put us quite close to 3.5 miles, instead of 3.1,  I was okay with it, I felt good. I was wet and really sweaty because I was wearing a windbreaker that was doing nothing to stop me from getting wet, but was holding all the humidity close to me.  Sort of like my own wearable sauna.  We turned around and headed back.

I continued to do the math in my head.  By the time we got to what was the first mile marker, Hubby said, "Almost done. Just .36 miles to go."

Now I'm bad at math.  But I'm not that bad.  We walked 1.74 miles from the car to the second mile marker.  Then we walked back from the second mile marker to the first, leaving us three quarters of a mile to go.  I said, "no, we have nearly a mile left."

That's when it got weird.  He looked at me and said, "No, we walked out and coming back it's half the distance."

We've been together, Hubby and I, a long time.  Really long.  And he's smarter than I am.  I've never made any bones about that. He's always been smarter than I am.  He's a better person, too, although after this little event I'm not so sure.  So I doubted myself. I went over the numbers in my head again.

"No," I said, "We have .74 miles to go."

"No," he insisted, "Going out it's that far so coming back it's about half."

I pulled my hood down and in the pouring rain I looked at him.  "I'm not that dumb," says I.  "We walked one mile from mile marker to mile marker.  The total we walked was 1.74 miles, so from the car to the first mile marker is .74 miles which is what we have left."

He was quiet for a few steps and then said, "I was hoping you wouldn't figure that out."

Is now a good time to mention that for the last 24 years I've been the one managing the household accounts and paying all the bills?  And he figured I couldn't figure that out?  I'm going to hope for his sake that he was just trying to make the walk easier for me, because the alternative explanation for this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and will require him to buy me something shiny that goes into the blu-ray player.

In case you missed it, or in case you haven't heard, I have a new book out on the virtual shelves!  It's called "Love is Eternal" it's the final chapter in my Prequel Trilogy to my Rock Harbor novels. 
It's available in print and e-book any place you buy your e-books, although if you use something other than a Nook or a Kindle, you'll want to get it HERE!

Print copies will be available at Createspace  and on Amazon, although it'll be a day or two for Amazon to have it in print.

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