I feel the need

I feel the need

Monday, October 18, 2010

I finally go down a size...but not where I expected!

Good afternoon!

Whew!  This Monday is getting away from me big time!  My day job is really getting in the way of my observations of my own boondoggle of a life.  If I didn't love paying my bills and keeping my mortgage on my house up to date, I'd quit and blog all day!

Okay, so after these many weeks of working out under the watchful..I can't use the word NAGGING...eye of dear Dee, I am pleased to say that yes, I've lost about five pounds.  Whoop de do.  But over the weekend, someone far more exciting happened!  I dropped a size!

Unfortunately, it was a shoe size.

Seriously...this is where I'm losing weight?  My feet?

I was sort of hoping maybe gut, butt, or face...but my feet?  Who even looks at my feet?  10 months out of the year it's too cold to wear anything but fully enclosed shoes.  Who looks at a woman and says, "Oh she's really pretty, except for her fat feet!"

But no, after all these weeks of working out and actually watching what I eat a bit, I lost a size on my feet.

I discovered this by accident.  See, I've had problems with my feet for years.  Going back to high school, when I was a waitress and my ankles swelled after a long shift.  College, the swelling got worse, so I got arch supports to relieve the strain on my feet.  Apparently my arches had fallen.  I should have seen then that gravity was not going to be kind to me.

After college and deep into married mom life, I developed a cute combination of heal spurs/plantar faciatis.  This made walking really painful.  Again, more medical appliances crammed into my shoes.  I suppose it shouldn't have been much of a surprise when I went from an 8 to an 8.5. 

Oh, and then there's the fun little fact that my feet are two different sizes.  My left foot, since forever, is half a size smaller than my right.  Which means every shoe I get is so large on my left foot that my foot slides around, causing more stress and more pain.

In the last year, my left foot has given up the fight and now swells up to a half a size larger than my right.

Yes, it's fun being me.

Well, since I've been having far more foot pain than normal in the last few weeks, I decided to break down and spend some serious buckage on new shoes.  Not fancy shoes.  Just solid shoes that would cradle my poor, damaged, Tootsies.  I'm not a person who shops certain labels.  I look for price.  I'm a bargain hunter.  I'll wear any crap shoe as long as the price is right.  Which is probably why I was limping around the Johnson Creek outlet mall on Saturday.

I love Merell shoes, and my favorite pair is my bright pink mules.  That's first pair I had to replace since mine were broken down and made my feet smell really really bad.  I tried on the 8.5.  It's a size I've worn since Peaches was born.  It seemed a tiny bit loose, so I dug out an 8.  Sure enough, the 8 fit light a glove.  My feet were happy! 

Well, my blue suede Merells were also getting nasty, so I looked around for something a bit more wintry.  I found a lovely pair of leather mules lined with fur.  And blue suede!  (Peaches informed me it was a weird color blue, so I had to go with the black, non suede shoes.)  Again, size 8 felt like a second skin.

Okay, that's fine for those bulky hiking type shoes.  But at the Nike outlet, where I searched for an inexpensive pair of work out shoes, I was certain I'd be getting an 8.5  Nike's are always snug on me, so I didn't even both looking for anything smaller than an 8.5

Until I tried a pair on.

Egads...weeks and weeks of working out actually worked!  I HAVE SKINNY FEET!

Apparently, I now need "Fat shoes" and "skinny shoes."

So, I guess I'm just losing weight from the ground up.  Given the rate of sag the rest of my body has, I figure weight loss and fat sag will meet in the middle...somewhere around my rear, say, mid January.

So I've got that to look forward to.

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