I feel the need

I feel the need

Thursday, October 14, 2010

If Wii Fit says I'm 32, who am I to quibble?

Good morning!

So yesterday I was going to go to Gold's.  Really, I was.  Honest.  (I can hear Dee grinding her teeth. Now that she works there, I know she's looking for me....LOL!)  But I got home and realized that it was the first time in ages the family was going to eat dinner in the same building.  (Note, not at the table or at the same time, that would be asking too much.)  So I decided instead of going to Gold's, I'd make a nice spaghetti supper and do the Wii Fit.

We got the Wii back at Christmas when I was going to cancel my Gold's membership  (Little did I realize that those 24 month contracts are IRON CLAD and only death or dismemberment will get me out of it.)  and I figured, hey, I have a treadmill and now the Wii...I don't need a gym!

I was very faithful on Wii fit for a couple months.  Every night. 30 minutes.  And then the Winter Olympics came on and face it...watching ACTUAL ski jumping is easier than doing that ski jumping balance game on Wii Fit.

So then it was a long time before I got back on.  Now, the problem with not doing Wii Fit on a regular basis is that Wii Fit REMEMBERS.  Wii Fit will gently tell you "Sarah, it's been 200 days" since you last worked out on Wii Fit."  Yeah, well, I did one work out, back in July I think, and didn't like the scolding.  So the Wii fit went back under the coffee table for 112 days.  How do I know it was that long?

Because I got back on the Wii fit yesterday and that's what it told me.  "Sarah, it's been 112 days since you last worked out on Wii Fit."  I tried to explain water aerobics and Gold's, but Wii Fit doesn't care.

I did the body test before my little work out because, well, I don't mind the body test.  I have relatively decent balance, and while I'm over weight and my body fat percentage would pass a math test in most high schools, I do okay with the body test. 

Except for the actual age thing.

You know that one...that's where the Wii Fit slams this big number on your Mii  (that's what you call your you in Wii Fit.  You get to build yourself on the screen, and then you make your Mii do all the games.)  and this is your "real age."  It's based on your body test, weight, fat content, that sort of thing.  I generally test older than I am, or near my age.

Not yesterday.

Yesterday Wii Fit said I was 32.  And then it said, "You're in pretty good shape."

NO ONE has said that about me since 1999.  I'm in pretty good shape!  See?  The Wii Fit said so!  The Wii Fit said I'm 32! 

Who am I to quibble?

The Wii Fit:  The nice personal trainer!
Gold's might want to take note.  Instead of putting posters of impossibly fit people smiling in the middle of an aerobics-punch-the-air-while-you're-riding-a-bike class, maybe you should put up happy notes like "Hey, you're actually 10 years younger than your age.  You're in pretty good shape.  You didn't fall off the board thingy that's an inch off the ground, so your balance is okay."

It's called positive re enforcement.  And I believe in it!

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