I feel the need

I feel the need

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a Wii bit crippled today, and I think I just called myself a bad name.

Good afternoon!

Wow, do I feel like an underachiever today!  Seriously.  New Girl and I are being very quiet in our separate offices, neither working and neither doing much of anything.  So of course, when Dee called I was overjoyed to talk to her!

A side note:  Dee has lost 21 pounds since August!  YAY DEE!

Now, while talking to Dee and growing very jealous of her success, I realized that even though I haven't lost a measurable amount of weight (Though I am wearing heavier clothing so I get to subtract more from the total on the scale at work, which gives me a flicker of encouragement), I have been far more faithful in moving my carcass around in an exercise sort of mode.  In fact, my legs have been pretty sore the last couple of days, and I wasn't sure why.

Until I thought about it.

Wednesday I worked out HARD on the Wii.  I did the ten minute step thing where you just step up and down on the board.  You're supposed to do 800 steps in 10 minutes.  I, of course, saw this as a challenge to beat because hey, I'm not that out of shape, right?

Apparently, I am.

I managed to do almost 1200 steps in that 10 minute time frame.  I ignored the smooth female voice admonishing me to slow down, keep a steady beat, stay with the beat that was ticking away. "No way, Voice,"  I said, "I'm going to beat this game and show it how in shape I am!"

Result?  I am all but crippled.  My left calf muscle is so tight and sore,  I nearly fall over every time I get out of my office chair.  Let's add this to my already full force heel pain and you can picture how graceful I am moving from a sitting position to a standing position.  I should actually try out for that commercial where the older folks can't get out of their recliners without some hydraulic lift.  Or maybe I could get a part in one of those scooter commercials.  Or, I could always be that woman shouting, "I've fallen!  And I can't get up!" 

I suppose I should admit to something else as long as we're on the topic of the Wii.  I actually called my Mii a bad name.  I was doing the hula hoop thing, you know where you have to move your hips in a circular motion and every so often try to "catch" a hula hoop that someone else has tossed.  You do this by leaning to one side when the hoop comes toward your Mii.

It looks simple enough...until the sadists throw a hoop at Mii.

The problem is there's a certain amount of timing needed for your Mii to catch the hoop and if you don't keep your hips moving you'll drop the hoops you're already spinning and, well, that won't give you good results and the Wii will probably age you by 25 years.  So I work really hard on this game.  It's supposed to tighten your core, after all.  (A nice by product of something I see more as a challenge since Peaches is really, really good at this one.)

So Wednesday I was hula hooping like crazy, but I didn't seem to be able to catch any of the hoops.  At one point I leaned over so far, I fell off the board.  I got up, but not before my Mii dropped all her hoops.  That's when I let the colorful insult fly.

From the kitchen, Peaches yelled, "MOM!  Don't call yourself that!"

I was going to tell her that I wasn't calling myself anything...until I realized that I actually was.  See, your Mii is you...on the Wii.  And my Mii, except for the fact that she's way more adventurous than I am, and thinner  (there is a limit to how fat you can make your Mii) does look like me.  So, I basically called myself a bad name...That can't be healthy.

Okay, score one for Gold's.  At least at Gold's I don't have to watch myself exercising, and therefore I'm not tempted to call myself anything.

And on that note, I wish you all a great weekend!

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