I feel the need

I feel the need

Monday, August 16, 2010

Planning is key to a good workout routine.

Good afternoon!

I was on the phone last night with "Dee"  my friend and exercise partner.  Now, when I say exercise partner I mean that this summer we were going to walk together once a week every week.

And we did!

For three weeks.

Then it was the weather, or the heat, or the kids, or something at church, or...and I'll be totally honest here, we just flat out didn't feel like it.  Okay, even more honest, I didn't feel like it.

Well, there was that one time we got together, but we drove, and we met at Starbucks so I don't think that counts as exercise.

Since Dee is the thinner of the two of us, it is my fault we haven't gotten together like we should.  I'll take the heat for it. I should have been down 20 of the 70 pounds I need to lose before Rick Springfield makes his way to Southeastern Wisconsin again.   Not the case...bad Sarah!

Well, since my gym is having this MASSIVE GIGANTIC SALE on memberships Dee is going to join.  (As will my family, but honestly, do I want to be working out with the KIDS?  Not!)  So we're meeting tonight after I get done stretching out the cheerleaders at their practice.  (Somehow, someone decided I was qualified to teach young girls how to stretch...insert your hysterical laughter here.)

Anyway, I was on the phone last night with Dee, who wanted a little more info on the gym before she gets there...most importantly what the trainer, Ryan, looked like. 

"Is he cute?"

Okay, Peaches and The Man  (My new name for the hubby) were sitting right there.  How does a married woman describe a cute guy to another woman while in earshot of her daughter and her husband?

The good news is that Ryan is not my type.  First of all, he looks too much like Steve the Crumb Blowing Trainer that destroyed any desire I have for working with a trainer.  Second of all, he's young and blond.  I like my men like I like my coffee...hot, dark, and maybe not so fresh...(insert your grossed out noises here.)  So for me, to explain to Dee that Ryan was hardly my type was easy.  "I didn't notice."  (Only a partial lie.  OF COURSE I noticed his muscles, the way his shirt fit, his tan...I just didn't notice his face...)

Dee inserted her hysterical laughter.  Once she regained her composure, we had to discuss an even more important topic:  Was our new plan to work out going to interfere with the upcoming "Biggest Loser" season?  (Because, you know, that's when we watch the show, drink wine, and eat chocolate.  We can't have exercise getting the the way of THAT!) 

Well, we decided that once the season started, we would work out BEFORE the show and then repair to one of our own homes to partake of wine and chocolate.

I love it when a plan comes together like it should.

Anyway, the gym membership sale is ridiculous, and if you'd like to join on my membership, and you live in the Waukesha, WI area, drop me a message, we'll get it worked out.  No enrollment fee, and you won't pay more than $25 a month.  All for the pleasure of torturing yourself a couple times a week....month....whatever!

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