I feel the need

I feel the need

Saturday, June 18, 2011

AND NOW for something completely different!

Hello all!

It's not every day I blend my writing life with my life life...(if you read that in my head it makes sense.) however, I am doing a happy dance of joy at the moment, and I must share this with you!

My second novel, Lies in Chance, is now available for purchase on Barnes and Noble's website!  Yes, it is an e-book, so Nook owners you get first dibs!

Kindle owners, you'll have to wait a couple days.  True to form, I didn't read all (any) of the instructions, and wound up trying to publish a book with no author.  And when asked to correct the mistake, I didn't read (didn't even look at) the email from Amazon informing me of the mistake, played with some buttons and tried to again publish without an author name.

For those of you who do not have a reader...(and seriously what is up with that?)  Or if you own a Sony e-reader, as I do, I will be getting the book to a PDF format or to Sony through Smashwords next week.

My friends, thank you all for your continued support!  IF this book does well, and I'm thinking it might, my NEXT publication is going to be a collection of tales from my childhood, much like the ones I write here, but several I'm really not willing to share without payment  (LOL) and that I 'll be publishing just for you fine readers!

Meanwhile...enjoy Lies in Chance!

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