I feel the need

I feel the need

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I can't be the only one who's given this a thought!

Good morning!

Sorry I've been away much of the week.  I've been blocking chapters for my upcoming office work book...have you voted for the title yet?...so I haven't been blogging much this week.

Thursday night I held a Party lite Candle Party at my home.  I've talked about these parties before, so I won't bore you with the details.  The women I have over to these parties are pros...they don't need to hear the sales pitch.  They are there to laugh out loud and to purchase candles.  It's probably the easiest party a consultant has all year.

The laughing out loud part is great.  Picture a room full of women who typically don't know each other outside of my living room.  But when they are all together, they can get on a topic of discussion that will have them snorting cola/appletini/wine out of their collective nostrils.

Such was the case Thursday night.  I have no idea how we got on the topic.  Who of us ever traces a conversation from it's ridiculous conclusion to the moment it started?  (Try it...it's hilarious.)

We started by talking about baseball.  The Milwaukee Brewers are doing quite well this season, and my friend Sheena  (she knows who she is) has a deep obsession with the team.  Sort of like me with the Detroit Redwings...only she gets to were shorts to the games.  So we talked about the Brewers, which lead us to a topic we ALL love...the Green Bay Packers.

It's Wisconsin...you're going to talk about two things:  the weather, and the Packers.

Talk about the Packers, since the season is only one game old, reverted back to a discussion about the Super Bowl, which my family watched at Sheena's house.  It was the first time I'd been to Sheena's house for a major sporting event.  When there's a big game...I tend to stay home.  I'm not saying I get into the game too much...but I will say that I firmly believe that if I STAND UP through the entire game, no matter where it is played, the Packers will win.  I believe that Refs can hear me from my living room.  I believe that players of the opposing teams will feel shame when I insult them.  I feel the Packer players themselves feel as if an angel is protecting them...as long as I am standing up.

No, I don't pray.  I stop short of that.  At least...up until the Super Bowl.

We went to Sheena's house because my husband likes to go to football parties.  As a man...no one expects him to socialize in the kitchen.  No one expects him to talk about the merits of ranch dressing as opposed to blue cheese on chicken wings.  He gets to watch the game man style:  In a chair, holding a beer.

So having never been to Sheena's house for a game, I was worried that I would again have to discuss dips while Hubby got to see the game.  I should not have been worried.  Sheena is a woman after my own heart when it comes to sports.  She sets out the food, points to it and says, "HELP YOUR OWN SELVES, I'M WATCHING THE GAME." 

We had a wonderful time at her house.  The woman knows how to through a football party.  But that fourth quarter had me not only standing, but pacing in a circle through Sheena's house.  I couldn't watch.  I could only walk.

I have heard your prayer...and I shall give you
a Superbowl championship!
And I prayed.  I paced, and I prayed...it was a first for me.

Oh yeah...and it worked.  So I'll be adding that to my repertoire.

But that's not why I bring this up.  I bring up the Superbowl and my prayer because all that came up on Thursday at the candle party.  We were talking about wacthing the Super Bowl, and I admitted that I prayed.  The general consensus in the room is that yes, God is a Packers fan.  It's a sentiment almost every Wisconsin resident...and a few Bears fans who can't deny it...will cling to.  So we talked about how God is a Packer fan.

And then...well then it got weird.

If it says it on a shirt...it must be true!
Someone then said, "And Jesus wears an Aaron Rogers jersey on game day."

Maybe it was all the fumes from the lit candles.  Maybe it was the high I was on from nibbling the beer bread and dips I'd made for the party.  More likely it was the fact that when I'm with my friends, I get a kick out of being the most shocking person in the room.  Because then I said, "No, Jesus probably doesn't wear a jersey.  He's pretty set with the white robe.  But I'll bet He wears Packer Boxer shorts under the robe."

The room erupted in laughter.  I'm not sure if it's because the idea of Jesus wearing boxers is so funny...but seriously, who hasn't thought about it.  We all see that picture of Jesus in His robes, sitting there, talking to the little children.  Who among us hasn't once looked at that picture and wondered, silently, "What does He were under there?"

It cannot be just me.

Can it?

Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who's wondered if Jesus wears underwear!

It might be just the way my brain works...because as she was leaving the party, Sheena turned to me and said, "I'm not sure I'm ready to believe Jesus is a boxer guy."

We both laughed at the idea...but I did note that she didn't question whether or not Jesus is a Packer fan.

See, this is Wisconsin.  There's just no question about it.

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