I feel the need

I feel the need

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Laundry List Friday: Let the voting begin!

Good afternoon all!

I know, I know...it's Saturday.  And I also realize that my poll includes 10, not 5, titles to vote on.  Well, I got some late arriving suggestions that were just too good to pass up.

The titles are in NO particular order, but I will give a little bit of a shout out to the originators (and therefore those in the running for the grand prize of all my published books....or possibly an Amazon gift card if you already have the books) for each title.

I should explain that the book, while initially set to cover the humor from many of my jobs, will now be of a single purpose:  To Chronicle the humor of just one woman:  LCW, or Elsie W, as I am calling her.  Even with that minor change, I believe I have a great group of readers and followers, and we've come up with a solid list of 10 titles to choose from.

And the Oompa Loompas Thought They had it Bad.  This from my good friend "Marie" who has been following my work woes for a good long time.  Willy Wonka saved the Oompa Loompahs from terrible work conditions...but none of them had to sit next to Elsie W.

Horror Stories from the Front Lines in a Small Office
This is from reader Markdotnet who I suspect is also a fan of Bob and Brian's horror stories.

So get Your Own Brain...Mine's Being Used.

College Friend "Lisle" sent in this gem after reading my almost daily LCW updates on Face book.

Office Survival Manual, Part One: The Caring and Feeding of Your Coworkers

This from High School friend "Andi."  (She's clearly my smartest friend!)  I also like the Part One aspect...meaning I have permission to write more!  LOL!

I can't fix STUPID, but I sure would like to poke at it with a stick

I realize this is actually a title of one my recent posts, but my oldest friend "Roxanne" pointed out that it really fits as a good title for this project, and therefore she gets the entry credit.

How Does She NOT Fall Down More?

This one sent in via my website.  What...I have a website?  Yes, I do. Click here!  It was anonymous, so I'll have to check my web records.  Of course, I like it because I say this a lot about good old LCW.

Elsie W.: She never ceases to amaze

This was actually a team effort between two people I do not believe have every met.  Hubby...who suggested I simply name the book after the woman who is the source of the stories, and Face Book friend SPS  (Her real initials of course)

If Men are From Mars, Women from Venus, What Planet is My Coworker From?
This is from Face Book friend ABB  (Again, real initials.)  Dangling preposition aside, I think it's hilarious...and it might get confused with another very popular book, which means people might buy it by accident!  (I'll take all the sales I can get!)
Where Competence Goes to Die:  The Elsie W Story
I love this one from fellow Bob and Brian/You Still Can't Win player, "MTBS." (He knows who he is.)  Sure, I added the last bit, but that front part is all genius.
The Daily Drain:  Working with Elsie W.
College mate "Rhonda" gave me this idea, tying in the type of work we do to the book.  Again, I added that last bit, but playing with the double meaning of the word "drain" was all "Rhonda's"  idea.
So there are my favorite ten titles.  Voting is open until October 31, (Something about Halloween seemed fitting.)   at which time I will close the voting and we will have a winner.

BTW, you vote by clicking on your favorite title in the list there on the right hand column of this blog.  Yes, you can vote more than once.  Why not?  I'm not better than "American Idol."  Wait, maybe I am...I don't charge texting fees!
Thank you to all my readers, friends, and contributors.  And remember, if you made a suggestion and you don't see it here, it's not that it was bad...it's just that it wasn't, as they say in the publishing industry, "what we are looking for at this time." 


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