I feel the need

I feel the need

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Apparently Sarah needs to explain to Hubby what does and does not keep him out of the blog.

Poor Hubby.  Poor, poor Hubby.  He so very hard to stay out of this blog.

And yet, today, last night, he crashed his way into so completely I could NOT resist.

See, we went to a movie, a rare thing for us these days since movies are now $10 ($8 for a matinee, but only if it's not on a big screen or in 3D or it's before 4 PM...seriously, matinees back in the day were half price and as long as the movie kicked off before 6:30 it was half price. Period.) and with Netflix and Direct TV and our favorite local video store, we just figure it makes more sense to wait a couple months and watch it on video.  That way we can watch and drink wine and whatever we want and if I fall asleep, hey no biggie.

 ANYWAYS, we went to see "Exodus."  My review will be posted on my writing blog, It's Just a Writer's World later this afternoon.  AFTER the movie, we had to run to Blain's Farm and Fleet for a
couple last minute Christmas things for this weekend.  

For those of you who don't know the whole "Farm and Fleet" store thing, these are stores all over Wisconsin...and they might be all over the country, I don't know, that sell farming, fishing and hunting gear.  Not nearly the size of Cabela's or Gander Mountain, Farm and Fleet and Fleet Farm stores are pretty much the original store model for that type of crowd.  I like Farm and Fleet because, like Menards, they offer more than just hunting rifles, fishing poles, and udder balm.  (Udder balm is a thing...)  This time of year Farm and Fleet is probably the BEST place for Christmas stuff.  They have a fantastic TOYLAND...although at this
point in the season it's pretty picked over...and they have racks and racks of ornaments and lights.  Also, it's a good place to get name brand jeans cheap.

As we were checking out I noticed Hubby purchased two mini packs of Kleenex.  He's got a pretty severe cold and for the last week if we are out together like at church or shopping or the movie, he's asked me for a tissue.  Typically I don't have them, but this time of year around here you just have to have them because you never know when the person next to you is going to need one.

As we walked out of the store I commented on the fact that he got those.  He said, "Well, I've been asking you for yours, I figure I should probably have some of  my own."

This is a valid point, however, I really don't mind sharing tissue with him.  I told him that.  "I don't mind, I'm happy to give you my tissues."

"Oh no," says he.  "I'm not going to use up all your tissues.  Because then there'll be a moment when you need one and you're digging in your purse and you can't find one and then at that exact moment Randy Mantooth is going to come walking by and there you are with a big snot bubble hanging out of your face and you're going to just stand there cursing me.  And THEN, you'll put me in your blog.  So yes, $0.82 is a good price to pay for staying out of the blog."

I waited a moment, letting this amazing, and clearly well thought out argument echo through the Farm and Fleet parking lot.  I wanted to say, "Honey, it's unlikely Randy Mantooth would be in Wisconsin in
December. It's more likely Rick Springfield would pop up since his wife has family
here."  But I didn't.  I was really in awe of his thought process.  And I was amused because he thought that sharing that rant with me was going to keep him OUT of the blog.

Clearly, he doesn't understand exactly what does and does not make the cut.  And I believe this rant might be the best blog material I've had outside of a public restroom.  So, hey, thanks there Hubby!

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