I feel the need

I feel the need

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sarah plans...God has a good old chuckle.

Somewhere, probably in the Bible, it's said, "Man plans and God laughs."  I actually used that line in my newest work in progress, because it's a phrase that's so true about our lives so often.  

Never was that more true than last night.

See, a couple weeks ago I figured I'd need a day to get the Christmas letter done/wrap presents/edit the new book for an end of December release.  So I took a random vacation day off to do all of that...today.

Last night I decided that my Nora Hill book series was one I was going to try and market to an agent instead of self publishing.  I'm very excited about this because I feel like Nora Hill is a character many, many people are going to love and this book series is going to be one that's going to break that final barrier between me and my dream of writing for a living.

BTW, if you'd like to get a hand on one of my OTHER books...books make great gifts....you can just close your eyes and JUST CLICK HERE!.

Anyway, with the imminent deadline no longer a thing, much to my relief and the relief of my team, I figured I'd still do some present wrapping and card getting out.

Ah, but man plans and God laughs. 
How many kids can you fit on a futon?

See, Skippy was expecting friends for the evening.  Rather, Skippy was expecting an acquaintance to come over and spend the night in our TV room on the futon because said acquaintance was going to be going to the Fall Out Boy Concert at the RAVE.  One friend turned into two and by the time I arrived home from work last night at 8, there were four rentals in my TV room.  So, getting a jump on laundry and wrapping wasn't happening last night, but the was okay. Their plan was to leave here at 6 AM anyway and go sit on a street in Milwaukee and wait for a concert that wasn't going to start
until 9 Pm tonight.  Ah...youth.

Peaches had a baking project for her French class. She had to make 3 apple tarts.  They smelled amazing.  She left them on the counter to cool.  Remember that for later.

Hubby went to bed at 10, thinking all was well.  Peaches also retired soon after.  I hung out on the couch to catch up on my DVR. (Now that everything's in "fall finale" I can finally get caught up on "Gotham" and all those other new shows I was going to watch this year.)  Around 11:30, Peaches emerged from her room and said that a dear friend was having major drama and was sitting at a George Webb's crying and she needed to go be a friend.  Well, it's a school
It's where all the drama happens after midnight.
night, but it's the last week before Christmas break, so really, what are they learning?  So I said fine, but to text me when she got home.

I dosed a bit, waking when one of the rentals came upstairs to use the bathroom.  I always forget when there are new people in the house that they don't understand our quirks.  My kid's friends are used to seeing me asleep on the couch.  Hey, if they don't claim it first, it's mine!

Starting around 12:45 I checked in with Peaches because, it was still a school night and friends are friends, but come on...

Well, around 1:55 she said she was on her way.  At 1:59 she said she'd hit a curb and one of her tires was complete popped.

Ah yes, man plans...

I knew Skippy was up, and he knows how to put a spare on, so I didn't want to wake Hubby, who, unlike Skippy and me, had to work today. However, the more I texted Peaches back and forth, the more I figured he should be there, so I called Skippy back, put hubby in a car with him and sent them on their way.  

Peaches dragged herself home by 2:45 and went to bed.  Since the rentals were getting up and leaving the house at 6 and I needed to get Peaches up at 6 for school, guess who was up at 6?

The rentals, for reasons I don't understand, packed up everything  (they are coming back tonight) and loaded the car. Now, when you put 4 people in my kitchen, and those 4 people are carrying bags and pillows...

Yes, one of the apple tarts hit the deck hard.  And, as is true of all
upside down on my floor at 6 AM.
bread and pastry with sticky topping, it landed face down.

Upon hearing of the pastry tragedy, Peaches said she was too tired to be angry.  Hubby took her to school, took the car to the tire shop and then he went back to work.  

I did not go back to bed.   Nope, I got to hit the grocery store before the crowds and thusly I was home and ready to edit by 9 AM.

And after a couple hours of futility, I gave up and made a casserole for dinner.  Skippy and had lunch and watched some TV...and then I took a nap.  And that is why, in spite of the fact that I took a day off of work...I haven't wrapped, carded, or edited one single thing.  

The rentals are coming back late tonight, I think.  They did leave one apple tart covered pillow behind, so they have to be coming, right?

God must just be wiping His eyes at this point.

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