I feel the need

I feel the need

Friday, April 22, 2011

Laundry list Friday: 5 debates I can't believe I've been in.

Good evening!  I know I'm a bit late blogging today.  I had the day off of work and spent some time at church.  For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter to you!  For those of you who celebrate Passover...Happy Passover?  (Is that the right greeting?)

Anyway, since this is Holy Week for Christians, the family 's spent more time than usual in church.  Which is why, last night, I got the inspiration for today's list.

These are five discussions/debates that I've had...most of them very recently...that I cannot believe I've gotten myself into.

5)  No, you never told me I shouldn't poop on a motel bed.

For those of you who have teens...you know that they like to say things to get a rise out of you. Case in point: Sunday the Bradley family is taking a 24 vacation to Indianapolis...mostly because that's the location of the nearest Waffle House to us....and I was telling the children about the hotel I'd booked. I have no idea how we got to this point, but according to Skippy, I'd never told him that he couldn't poop on a motel bed if the motel wasn't nice.  Now, in my saner moments, I realize he says stuff like this just to get my goat, but still...after about five minutes of debate as to whether or not that was actually something that needed to be told a child, I looked him in the eye and said, "You are NEVER to poop on a motel bed.  Period."

4)  What was in that building?
This was a 3 way debate between hubby, Skippy, and me.  We were talking about a vacant building in town and I, who had spent 12 years touring the inside of just about every commercial building in Waukesha for work, maintained the building had been a school.  I was shouted down for about ten minutes because the MEN I live with insisted that no, that building had never been a school.  I was proved right two nights later, when, driving past the building in question, I pointed to the faded letters on the side of the building that denoted I was right.  A nice win, but why was the debate needed?

3)  Yes, the pool IS through that door.

okay, this one goes back to the days when I thought I was cool.  Time has proven that I am not now, nor will I ever been cool, and therefore I'm able to share this story with you.  My cousin Todd, and that is his real name, is a great swimmer.  Years of lessons at the YMCA made him sort of the king of the pool in his home town.  One weekend I was visiting and got to go swimming with Todd and his other friends, many of whom were girls.  The girls were given the task of getting me to the pool because, obviously, Todd couldn't go in the girls locker room.

Well, we got in our little swim suits and I got dressed before the other girls did.  Not knowing my way around the lockeroom, I asked where the pool was.  A number of girls pointed to the shower room.  "It's through there."

What happened after that I do not clearly recall.  I know I was pretty adamant that, even though I'd never been in this locker room, the door they were pointing to was merely the showers and they were playing a joke on me.  It got to the point that one of them had to summon Todd to come in the girls' locker room and show me that yes, the door was actually the pool door. 

maybe that's why he still gives me the funny look at Christmas.

Anyway, now i call it the "Locker room door syndrome."  this is what I call it when I talk to someone who can't get past a certain point, either mental or physical.

2)  Is black licorice racist?

Okay, again from the files of Skippy.  (17 year old boys...you gotta love them.)  he informed me that since black licorice tastes so bad, African American people must hate it and think that the candy itself is racist.  

I will let you all sort that out on your own. Personally, I can't believe I spent a good part of a half and hour debating that one.

1)  Did Jesus smell good?

Peaches wins today.  this one she came up with last night in church when, while reading the Maundy Thursday bulletin, she noted the picture (a very lame copy) of Da Vinci's "Last Supper."  She asked if Jesus smelled bad because the disciples all seemed to be leaning away from Him.  I said Jesus probably smelled like everyone around Him.  She, with all the conviction of a 14 year old said, "I bet He smelled good."

Not only did this debate rage on all through the preservice music, but then after church...this morning...and later in the day when we included Skippy and Skippy's female friend Mimi  (not her real name.)

so there you go.  Five debates I cannot believe I took part in. 

Friends, the next time you hear from me, I will have had a country fried steak from Waffle House!

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