I feel the need

I feel the need

Friday, April 15, 2011

Laundry List Friday: 5 things I intend to do...and 5 things I will do this weekend!

Good afternoon! 

We all have plans for weekends.  And then we have what actually will happen on the weekend.  Here's my list of all my best intentions...and what will probably happen.

5)  My intention:  Go to my daughter's play and have a good time chatting with friends and not snacking.

What will happen:  I will go to my daughter's play.  My parents will show up with my niece and nephew in tow.  Said children will be disruptive, my mother will stress, she will also cry because it's Peaches' last school play in grade school. I will escape to the school kitchen where I will stress eat and entire pan of brownies.

4)  My intention:  clean out at least two closets.

What will happen:  I will NOT clean out two closets.  I will spend 6 hours trying to win a game of Spider Solitaire.

3)  My intention:  Go to Bodyvive with Dee at 9:15 AM on Saturday and enjoy a good workout.  Write our "journey essays" after.

What will happen:  Oh, I'll be at Bodyvive.  Dee won't let me miss.  Enjoy?  Well, since this is a new class for me, and it involves stretchy bands, look for some post next week involving an injury incurred by stretch bands.  The essay will NOT get written. We will, instead, sit at my table and chat for two hours until I have to go to Peaches' soccer game.

2)  My intention:  Go to Peaches' Soccer game and have a rockin' time.

What will happen:  It's going to rain and we're supposed to have ridiculous winds tomorrow.  I probably won't get out of the car.  If I do...I will do the following  1)  Spill coffee on myself and the three blankets I'm wearing.  2)  dump the contents of my purse on the soccer field trying to answer a phone call.  Phone will fall in the mud.  3)  Fall down in mud, which will of course necessitate a nap on my heating pad...if the work out with Dee doesn't already.

1)  My intention:  Watch NHL hockey playoffs while folding laundry, catching up on dishes, planning the week's dinners, and wiping the kitchen down with bleach.

What will happen:  Well, Hockey will be on TV.  Not one other thing is going to happen because by Sunday I will be either sick or exhausted and I will be asleep on the couch.  How do I know this?  For the past 20 years Sunday afternoon has equalled a nap on the couch.  You do the math.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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