I feel the need

I feel the need

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I might be putting too much reality into my reality TV viewing.

Good afternoon!

Okay, I'm not saying I get wrapped up in reality TV...but the last couple of weeks have been the best and the worst of times for me.

I was very happy for the sisters who won Amazing Race.

I was disappointed that Philip didn't announce is sanity to the jury and therefore beat Boston Rob on Survivor.  (Oh, and I'm super proud of my cousin, Andrea, who finished 5th against a lot of odds.)

I'm furious with America for voting out James on American Idol.  Seriously...you voted out JAMES?

I'm not that thrilled with the results of Dancing with the Stars.

I'm okay with Olivia winning Biggest Loser, but I was really cheering for Irene.

Basically, I've decided that any show that allows America to vote is going to get screwed up because Americans have proved they don't vote the right way.  Which is to say, they don't vote the way I do...

Just to be clear...I have never voted for a reality show contestant ever.  I vote in every election.  I agonize over the results of reality TV shows...not so much with the elections.  Do we see a problem here?

I go so far as to say things like, "If Boston Rob wins Survivor, I'm NEVER WATCHING THAT SHOW AGAIN."  Yeah, we all know I'll be back.  What else am I going to do with my evenings?  Talk to my kids?  HA!

Reality TV is way too real for me.  I've religiously watched almost every finale offered, my excuse for so much couch time is that the weather here resembles a dog that's been swimming in a river:  Wet, cold, and unpleasant smelling.  But the truth is even if it was 70 and sunny, I would still be glued to my TV because it's so VITAL THAT I WATCH THE FINALE!

Sure, I could save myself hours if I just read the results online.  But there's something about the pageantry, the excitement, the fact that it's LIVE that draws me in.  I've invested a lot of time in these reality contestants...the finale is the payoff and I care very much about the results.

Not enough to vote for them of course...

I'd like to say that I'm taking the summer off.  But "The Voice" is a new favorite, and there's always "America's Got Talent."  I MUST see just how much TALENT America has.  And I must see how the voting goes.  And then I must complain for WEEKS about that voting, though I don't take part in the process.

If politics involved candidates doing a Viennese waltz, or standing on a pole for five hours, maybe more people would vote for political candidates.  I would probably stop voting then, but I would care a whole lot more!

Maybe if Ryan Seacrest moderated debates, more people would vote for political elections?
And now I must go.  I've got a lot to do before American Idol comes on!

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