I feel the need

I feel the need

Friday, May 6, 2011

Laundry List Friday: 5 Things that have changed in our culture.

Hello all!

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but there are a few things that have changed, subtly, in our culture, and as I notice them, I realize some of these changes are funny!  So of course I'm going to share them with you!

5)  Seriously, a messenger pigeon might be a good idea.

In a culture where we have mail, email, land lines, cell phones, texting, instant message, Face book, and Twitter, have you noticed that you still have to get a hold of people to ask them if they are coming to your event?  I used to sell Party lite Candles, and I know that if you invite someone to anything, they are not going to get a hold of you. Granted, this is only a problem if, you know, you're feeding these people and need to know just how many servings of bananas Foster you need to have ready.  Yes, I'm totally guilty of it, too...My friend, let's call her Babs, invites me to parties all the time...and I'm woeful in RSVP-ing...(And Babs...I have to see, but I do want to come to your Tupperware party...just have to check!)

4)  Yes, but if you wait 4 hours to call a doctor...you're a moron.

My friends, ads for medicine have taken over TV, and some of them are horrifying.  I'm not telling anyone anything they don't know.  Just turn on the TV and listen.  When my grandmother got her first television back in the dawn of time, the first thing she saw was an animated cartoon pig pulling on a girdle.  She turned off the TV immediately and said, "If that's the sort of filth that TV brings, we are not watching it!"  Now...my 14 year old daughter knows all the side effects of pills for erectile dysfunction. 

3)  Well, that song is number one among teen boys age 13-14 with low self esteem and brown hair...so it's a chart topper.

What's your long distance dedication?
When I was a teen, we listened to Kasey Kasem count them down.  Everyone knew the top 40 songs of the week.  Everyone...yes EVERYONE was singing "Physical" by Olivia Newton John...and not getting the joke.  (There Todd, that's for you.)  Now, I don't pretend to be cool when it comes to music.  I love Rick Springfield and anything 80's and frankly, I'm happy in my cocoon.  Granted, I am aware of the noises emitting from my children's rooms and I do listen to County music at work.  Not because I like it  (I don't) but because that's what we've agreed upon as work day background noise.  But what I've seen in the last few years is a  loss of unity when it comes to music. 

Skippy goes to concerts by groups like "Jimmy Eat World" and "Yellowcard."  If you've heard of these bands, you rock.  Peaches, now beyond the Hannah Montana days, enjoys the musical stylings of "All time Low" and "Never Shout Never."  I'm not well versed in these groups...but it would seem, neither are a lot of people. 

Oh yes, there's still a countdown...but with iTunes ruling the musical world, and opening the door to a lot of artists that would never have made it to note one in the Music Video Age of the 80's, there are so many more options, that even the rebellious kids aren't rebelling to the same anthem.

2)  Just wait honey, the nice lady dancing on the pole will bring you a root beer in a moment.

Okay...what is UP with everything being "FAMILY FRIENDLY?"  Seriously...try finding an eatery that doesn't gleefullly promote "KIDS EAT FREE!"  There used to be places adults could go to avoid the mewling wails of other people's children.  No more.  Now that my kidlings want little to do with me, I like to go out and enjoy a grown up time.  But I can't because every place has a kids' menu, which means kids go there. 

But wait, you say...what about that bastion of adult activity...LAS VEGAS? 

Nope.  Let's ignore the porn brochure dudes on the street or the car toppers on every cab showing a young misguided girl making a bad career choice.  Vegas is marketing itself to families...with children!  I was watching "Top ten water parks in the world" and guess what?  VEGAS HAD ONE OF THEM.

Strollers on the Strip.   Kid's menus at Caesars Palace.  It's a sure sign of the Apocalypse.

1)  BYOB....everywhere!

Growing up if you were thirsty, you went in to your house and you got a drink of water or something.  If you were someplace other than home, you looked around for a water fountain.  (Okay, for my Wisconsin readers...BUBBLER.  I was raised in Michigan...I'm bilingual.)

Now no one goes anywhere without a beverage in hand.  It's like everything is Vegas, only instead of free margaritas, we're carrying $4 coffees, flavored waters, or diet sodas everywhere. 

And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere...I see people bringing bottled water in to church!  (Now, I've been known to smuggle an adult beverage into a movie theater...so would it be wrong to maybe bring a wine cooler to church if I know the sermon is going to be extra long?  That would be wrong...right?)

I wish I were the guy who invented plastic bottles and then the guy who convinced us that we were so thirsty all the time we could NOT POSSIBLY GO A MINUTE WITHOUT A BEVERAGE IN HAND!

If I'd been that guy...I wouldn't be sitting here today!

That's my list for the week friends.  Happy Weekend!

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