I feel the need

I feel the need

Friday, May 27, 2011

Laundry List Friday: Top Five WORK Songs

Good morning!

Many of you know that today is my last day at a company I've worked for for five years.  I'm leaving the company for a long list of reasons, none of them really important.  What is important is that, in the process of finding a new job, giving notice, and finishing out those last few days I've had the chance to pause and think about just how lousy having to work for a living really is.  Come on...don't we all long to win the lottery and just sleep in every day?

So that got me to thinking about one of my favorite things: music.  And I realized that there are some songs out there that sum up perfectly what many of us feel about our jobs.  So, my friends, I give you my list of songs that best give voice to just how much we all wish we were independently wealthy:

5)  Todd Rundgren:  "Bang on the Drum all Day."

Green Bay Packer fans will recognize this as the "touchdown" song, but the rest of the working world has hummed this song at least once every day of their working lives. 

4)  The Ramones:  "The Job that Ate my Brain"

As a nod to Peaches, who adores the Ramones...who hasn't felt like their job was a brain sucking cloud hanging over them?

3)  The Bangles:  "Manic Monday"

Wishing it was Sunday...pondering lying to the boss about traffic making you late?  Regretting that extra bit of partying the night before?  Yep...we've all been there.

2)  Huey Lewis and the News:  "Workin' for a Livin'"

I get my check on Friday, but it's already spent.  Enough said.

1)  Johnny Paycheck:  "Take this Job and Shove it."

We're such a polite society...seriously, how much confusion could be avoided if this 2:34 anthem could just be every one's two week notice?

(And yes, an honorable mention has to go out to Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend."  It missed the cut by just a little bit because...well...it wasn't work loathing enough!)

Have a great weekend all!  Remember, Memorial Day is about remembering those who took on the job of giving their lives to protect us.  Hug a veteran!

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